*** advised against the Bordetella Vasccine***

12 Nov

The below email is an example of what can happen to your Bulldog puppy when a Bordetella is given. It can cost you thousands of dollars in Vet bills and worse, you could lose your baby. I have been advising against this shot for years. Read first hand why?

From: Susan Kollmar

Subject: ******

Date: November 11, 2013 5:28:40 PM PST

To: wordpress

From: Susan Kollmar

Message Body:
I recently purchased 2 mini English Bulldog puppies. The initial certifying vet said that the Bordatella vaccine was not advisable at this time. My vet went ahead and gave it. Both my puppies developed a terrible cough and pneumonia. Culture and Sensitivity said that it was Bordatella, paninfluenza and mycoplasma. They are both on antibiotics, but we almost lost one. We ended up at the emergency vet at 3 AM with an oxygen saturation of 70%. It would have been a crime to lose one of these beautiful puppies. Something needs to be done about this awful vaccine.

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