RSS Peanut and Walter

22 Jul

Hi Todd!

I’m writing to let you know how the dogs are doing!

Peanut has turned into a ham… and by ham, we mean the life of any and all parties. Her personality is so bubbly, so sweet, so loving. We could not have been more blessed and pleased with how well she has grown up. She’s got that typical bully hard headedness, but her good nature more than makes up for it. She’s topped out at about 35lbs, and some how has developed a thing for thinking she can catch bunnies and birds. Go figure!

Now, Walter? He’s really blossomed. When we first got him, as you can imagine, it was a tough first week. Not wanting to be walked, scared of people, and generally pretty unsure of his new surroundings. Now, a move/road trip to Maryland later, he’s mellowed out to be the biggest snuggle buddy and the big goof at the dog park. He’s not always sold on new people, but if they are calm and quiet, he’ll let them approach and pet him. He sleeps up in the bed with us, follows me around the house, and rides in the car like a champ. He really was that dog that just needed the right family, and we are so glad it was us.

Anyway, I’ve attached a few pictures of them. Hope all is well on the Big Bulldogs ranch. We think of you often and check the website for pictures all the time.

Marissa and Josh Smith


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