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05 Jan

Hi Todd,

I know how you love to hear testimonials and see photos of your babies once they have gone to their new home so here is mine…

I had been wanting a French Bulldog for quite some time and was turned down from Bully adoptions time and time again. So after saving my pennies and doing my homework I went to go visit Rufus and fell in love. My fiancée (he was only the boyfriend at the time) was skeptical and was never really a dog person as his family never grew up with dogs but after much convincing agreed to let me have my Frenchie. So needless to say my ‘visit’ resulted in me coming home with a new puppy.

It was right around this time that my fiancée’s father (Bill) was diagnosed with terminal Cancer, just like my father had years before. Me, being a dog person and always raised with dogs knew the healing powers and unconditional love that only a dog can provide. I would take Rufus to be with him every day on my way to work just knowing that he would make a world of difference in Bill’s life and he did. We affectionately called his visits ‘Angel Duty’. The entire family grew to love little Rufus more than you could ever imagine. He was therapeutic for everyone not just Bill. Unfortunately, this past summer Bill passed on. Rufus made such an impact on Bill he told a dear friend of his that if he could come back, he would come back as Rufus. Bill’s friend recounted this story at his service so that everyone could know just how much Bill loved ‘that dog’

Rufus has helped ease the grief and continues to bring joy into our lives every day. He is the sweetest little angel and we just love him SO much. As for Steven, the one who never wanted a dog, he is a changed man. They have bonded so much and Steven may be even more attached to Rufus than I am (which says a lot!!!)

About Rufus: He is super smart and took to training like no Bulldog I have ever known, he can even dance haha! He is very healthy and always a shining star on his vet visits. He has a wonderful, fun loving temperament and such a BIG personality. Without fail, every time we take him out people stop us to ask about him and we always recommend you if they tell me they are looking for a Bully. I am so happy I found you and in turn found Rufus, he has changed our lives so much. He is the best investment I have ever made.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy these photos,



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