01 Aug

Zeke is an eight-year-old bulldog, born Nov. 24 2004, that has the spunk of a pup! He weighs about 43 pounds and is pretty active for his age. He enjoys 20-30 minute walks at least once a day. He loves to play and sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. He is also very affectionate, but usually on his terms. He is a bit on the grumpy side at times and would be best suited in a home with no small children. This is unfortunately the reason that we are looking for a good home for him as we are concerned about his growling tendencies towards our 1 yr. old daughter. I believe he would be happiest with a single person that understands the bully breed and has tremendous patience. He is fine around cats, but will try to dominate other dogs.

It was a very difficult decision for my wife and I and we hate that it has come to this but we feel it is best for him and our family.

Call Danny Payne for information: (858) 436-4795


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