Update on Lucy

02 Jul

> Hey Todd and family! So just a quick update, thanks for the advise, Lucy’s rash is all gone. Tomorrow we’ll play in the grass to see if she’s allergic to it or if it was a fluke, just something she had laid on. Oh and thanks for the help with her knee. She’s all better from the looks of it. Her front wrist still has issues, but it’s been like that since she was six months and only acts up when she plays too rough. You saved her from surgery and $1500 from my pocket haha.
> Also, man I don’t know if I can get another bulldog from you in the future (just kidding!). We went to Sea Port Village here in downtown tonight just the two of us to walk around and EVERYONE, I mean everyone!!, stopped us to say “Hi” and to pet her LOLOL. I’ve never heard so many “awe look at the bulldog” quotes in my life!!! People would walk by with Bichon Frise’s, dachshunds, pits, labs, and schnauzers, but would be completely ignored once Lucy came through, no joke. Sea Port Village is pretty small, but it took a good hour and a half just to walk around it hahaha. It was pretty cool though, I won’t lie, I felt special haha. And you better believe I told them where I got her! Anyways, thanks again for the advise and hope you enjoy your week. >

> – Stephen M. Godinez
> Sent from my iPhone 4S


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