RSS gave me my best friend Pork Chop.

28 May

For those of you who have ever met my best friend (and dog) Porkchop, Todd Howard (the star of this show “World’s Worst Tenants” is whom I bought him from, as he is the best bulldog breeder I know. ( About 6 months ago, my daughter Sam was watching the Disney Channel, and I heard Todd Howard’s voice. I looked up and realized Todd and his son Leo were being interviewed. This is how I found out his son Leo is the star of Kickin’ It,,20594979,00.html
Great kid, every time I’ve ever been to Todd’s house, Leo’s come out and played with my daughter and Porkchop. Now Todd’s and his wife have a show on Spike. Best of luck guys! As Todd says: Remember…when you fall down (not if) Git’ Up!

Dennis Boyle


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