Subject: FW: Leo

Todd–our Frenchie, “Leo” turns 7 this year, he’s awesome! Thanks.


Paul A. Wolfe


Roscoe Clarke

Hi Todd,

Just thought I’d share my Roscoe 🙂

Today is his 2 year birthday!!

He’s such a handsome boy!!

Sarah C


BigBulldogs Bessie a Gift from God.

Put that on your web sight bro ! This dog was a gift from God !!!! Jesse, Minnesota

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Artie, former BigBulldgs Granite

Hi Todd,
> I spoke to you last week about sending my dog via airplane and you advised against it and asked me to send some photos. You knew him as Granite but he was renamed Artie. He’s been my best friend since the day I got him almost 8 1/2 years ago. We recently had a baby daughter and Artie has been amazing with her. I am so glad we got him. Thanks again.

> Terry Parker

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Hi Todd!
> I just wanted to share some of our photos of DoZer with you. His original name was Casper and we bought him from you in May of 2013. He’s the best ever and we love him so much! He is so spoiled and knows how to work us. >
> I thought maybe you would want to add to your before and afters. >
> Thank you so much!
> Jaclyn

Image SMILEY GIRL Jawbreaker/ Now Named Tank Puppy now 2 yrs 10 months

> This is my best bud, let me know if he makes it on the website -thanks todd Brian Madrid

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